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Need New Coustomers? Are they Finding Your Website?


In today’s world very few customers use the yellow pages to find services or products they need. They search the internet to see what company’s have what they need or want.

When customers search their mindset is usually one of two things…They either know specifically what they want or they  have very broad general idea.

If they know specifically what they want then they use keywords  which may include a model number a brand. For example… they want cement board siding in there location then the search term they use to search would look like this.

“Cement board siding Omaha”
“certaneed siding Omaha”

If your company is ranked high on the first page for these search terms… then they call you.

If they have a general idea that they want new siding then their search term will look like this.

“Siding Omaha”

This is much broader search as they are seeing what is available. They are researching what types of siding company’s provide and what the pro’s and con’s are for each type. If your company’s website is listed on the first page for that term then they will peruse your site to gather information. If you have good practical information along with pictures that appeal to them then chances are you will get a call to either gather more specific information or to get an estimate for your products or services

If your company is ranked high on the first page for these search terms then they call you.

They key is to be ranked high on the first page for the search term they are using. If your company comes up when they  search for that term then your phone rings…if not they call who does show up for that term.

That is what we do…We make sure your company show up fr the term they use. It is a wast of time and money to have a website if people don’t find it.


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